I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I went to treatment at English Mountain Recovery after I landed on New Life Recovery. Now I’m 5 years sober! The night I found your site I was at my end. I wanted to die. I don’t know why but I typed in alcoholism or something else and I am sure I spelled it wrong because I was so drunk. For some reason I called English Mountain Recovery and the woman I spoke to was so kind. She told me that she had been in the same place I was right then. It felt so good to talk to someone who cared. I can never thank you enough for that as it has changed my life forever!
Mike P., AA
Thanks for the great recovery help! The blogs are super helpful and insightful. I like that you don’t list all the addiction treatment centers, just the best ones, and I believe they are the best because I have done my own research. I used to be an addict who was addicted to pain pills but now I am clean and sober-thanks New Life Recovery! Your site gave me the encouragement to reach out and seek treatment. I can tell the sites that are just up to get me to call and talk to some phone operator who thinks of me as a “sale”. Recovery is different to day and not everyone on the internet is legit.
Flygirly, New Jersey
Thank you for the speedy reply when I emailed you, and the help for my brother…he is doing great now. We thought we were never going to get him back and thought he was beyond hope. I found your site and suggested he look at Balboa Horizons in Newport Beach, California. He liked the idea that it was in the at the beach, gender specific and 90 days long. He has been sober 6 months and is back in college – thank you for showing us the way.
Happy to be sober at last, life is good in recovery. I’m celebrating 4 years sober since I first hit your site in 2006 but waited until 2010 to make the call. That was when I hit rock bottom, thank God I was still alive. Like the new lay out on the site and love the blogs, they help me in my long term recovery. Now that I’m sober I have quality problems — thanks again!
I’m 28 and have been sober for 3 years after I found your the New Life Recovery site, thank you. I live in Texas and flew to California for treatment. I was scared but I was more scared to keep doing what I was doing. I don’t think if I would have made it if your site was not there and came up just when I needed it. Thanks New Life Recovery!
I’m 34 and had been to several rehabs for my alcoholism. Each time I left I thought I had kicked it but within 90 days I was drunk again. I wanted a New Life in Recovery but thought I was just one of the ones that wont get it. New Life Recovery was real, and when I read some of the info it gave me hope. I started working a recovery program and got out of my self centered thinking. The problem was that all I cared about was me. Today I have 6 years sober and life is better than I could have ever dreamed. Thanks New Life Recovery!

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