blind leading the blind rehabsToday more than ever, alcohol and drug addiction treatment has become big business. 10 years ago most people who entered the addiction treatment field were recovering alcoholics and addicts themselves. Their own lives had been so revolutionized by their own recovery, that they wanted to do nothing more than help other alcoholics and addicts recover too.

Personal Life Experience

The addiction recovery field is an industry where personal experience is extremely important. Individuals who own drug alcohol treatment centers but have never suffered with addiction themselves will never really understand what their clients are going through. In some cases they actually consider themselves better because of that. Alcoholics & addicts are some of the most intelligent, creative beings on the planet. The Aborigines say that in their opinion, alcoholics and addicts — in the western world — are the ones trying the hardest to find God

Even if they have a family member who is an addict, they still do not personally understand what the alcoholic or addict experience. They would do better to open a Co-Dependent type of recovery program.

Fast Food Treatment

Business people who enter the recovery field and treat it like opening a 7-11 franchise usually have a difficult time succeeding-as do their clients. Because they put money first, it just never works.  They find it baffling when seasoned committed professionals in the recovery field will choose to not work with them, or join the “business” for any amount of money. As one of my favorite treatment centers puts it, “you can’t pay people to care”.

Check out the treatment center you or your loved one is attending. Find out who owns it, who started it and why.

Big Business Rehabs

1. The individual who owns the treatment center will not be listed on their web site staff page, and does not want any direct ties to the business. Some of  these people are real estate moguls who see the industry as a great way to acquire real estate and have the alcoholic or addict pay for it. In business the culture is created at the top.

2. The treatment center has only been in business for a short time. Less than 5  years should be an indication to obtain direct referrals. Talk to former clients that have attended the program and find out if they have remained sober for at least 1 year.

3. If the center is less than 3 years in business ask who owns the facility, and then talk to the owner directly. Ask the owner what addiction he or she has overcome, and why they are in the field of addiction treatment. This is a great question to ask, because those who are in the field of recovery for the right reasons will be more than happy to talk to you about this and unusually at length!

4. Length and tenure of staff. If the staff is constantly changing this is a red flag. Remember everything rolls down hill from the top. That is how the culture is developed in any business, especially drug alcohol rehab.

If you are seriously considering going to an addiction treatment center,  take some time to choose the right one, as it can make all the difference in your new life beginning. We wish you well.